Subscription Website Contact

Term1: WebUp.Cloud (powered and owned by AdvertiseUp) offers a service of providing the subscription-based website(s) either monthly or yearly in a SaaS Business Model.

Term 2: Wishing to subscribe in this service, you are aware that you do not have the ownership of any website but rather you have a running website with your name and brand identity for the period of subscription only.

Term 3: WebUp.Cloud is a subsidiary brand from AdvertiseUp Agency which is an official company in Egypt. AdvertiseUp will not participate in any illegal or unofficial business and will follow all guidelines provided by the Egyptian Government

Term 4: WebUp.Cloud is not responsible for the content of the website. It is the main responsibility of the subscriber. However, content should be according to the moral and legal terms and abide by the legal laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Term 5:

General Terms and Conditions:

1-The subscription-based website is only owned by WebUp.Cloud.
2- The monthly or yearly subscription is the cost paid for running a website with your name for the subscription period.
3- You do not own the website, you pay a monthly or yearly subscription to have a running website with your name during the period of subscription only.
4- If for any reason the subscription is stopped and the dealing between you and WebUp.cloud is terminated, you have no rights to claim the website as it is fully owned by WebUp.Cloud.
5- The ownership of the subscribed websites is to always be a righteous claim and ownership of WebUp.Cloud only and it can not be transferred to any other entity.
6- Payment is due monthly or yearly depending on your package.
7- Your month/year starts from the date of your first payment.
8- WebUp will design and develop the website only.
9- Content is your responsibility. WebUp is not responsible for supplying any content.
10- After agreeing, filling out all forms, and placing the payment, you will receive your website after 13 Working Days.
11- You can upgrade your package but you can’t downgrade to a package

Term 6: Once you subscribe to your chosen package and pay the first payment, WebUp.Cloud will send you a form asking them to fill out ALL the content as well as send them a link for them to upload the logo, and pictures to show your brand identity to be used while developing the website. Once this form is submitted WebUp.Cloud will not modify anything. The customer could change/modify it but Webup.cloud is only responsible to build it once and will not take a backup from this.

Term 7:  WebUp.Cloud is a subscription-based service in meaning that if the subscription is not paid in the due time, the service will stop and the website will stop running.

WebUp.Cloud will remind the customer of the payment due and if it’s not paid on time the website will stop working.

You will have a period of 5 days from the due time of payment to pay the amount of the subscription.

On the 6th day, the website will be down and stop working.

 On day 15 from the due day of payment, the Website will be deleted with its data and will NOT be able to be recovered.

Term 8: In case of termination of the service or stop paying the subscription, you do not have any rights on the website. You do not have any right to claim the website or object that has been stopped

Term 9:

Payment ways:

You can Pay in Cash at our agency.
You Can Pay using your Credit Card in our physical location.
You Can Pay using our website by Credit Card

Please Provide AdvertiseUp with your Legal Documents in order for them to process your official invoice

All Payments are based on the USD price. Once the price increases the subscription price will be increased and the subscribers will be informed

Term 10:  WebUp.Cloud is Not responsible for

  • Saving the data of the website after 15 days of the due payment
  • Publish posts designed by the agency as the social media post are only designs and not handling
  • Sales of any sort
  • Fixing/recovering/restoring content that the customer changed. If the customer bought a yearly contract we can recover to the site 1 day before the incident
  • Adding any feature not agreed upon

Term 11: While WebUp.Cloud will do its best to support all tickets but we are responsible for only a server support P1 incident only by default meaning that an incident that caused the website to be down

This means WebUp.Cloud is responsible for the following only:

  • The website is down from their server-side and not from a customer-side bug
  • Should the customer have purchased a yearly agreement they could request a recovery knowing that an image will be taken ONCE a day meaning that if the customer does changes in the website during that day it will be lost.
  • A customer may open a ticket and we will do our best to support within 24 hours’ time
  • During Official holidays (Not Weekends) there might be a slight delay in the SLA
  • Support will be done by sending an email to [email protected] or by using our live chat. The customer could also open a ticket from their user portal on the website

Term 12:

Refund is allowed according to the condition of this term

For the first payment, there is a period of 14 days only from the first payment to email us a notice that you do not wish to subscribe and claim the paid amount. After the 14 days period, you have no right to claim any refund.

In the renewal, if your subscription is renewed automatically but you wish to stop the subscription and stop the running website: You have 5 days to refund if it’s a monthly subscription. & 14 days if it’s an annual subscription

You HAVE to send an official Mail to [email protected] in order to claim your refund.

Your refund will be done in the same method it was paid in.

In that case, the website will stop working immediately and the data can not be recovered.

Term 13:

For any reason should WebUp.Cloud or the client wishes to terminate the current subscription, the refund will be as follows:

  1. For the monthly subscription, you get a refund for the current month only if the termination is done during the first two weeks from the date of subscription. If the termination is done starting the 3rd week of the subscription, no refunds are to be claimed for any reason.
  2. For the yearly subscriptions, you get a refund for the remaining period of the subscribed year. The amount is to be calculated according to the amount that you have initially subscribed for.